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Cube Fish


Cube Fish is an independent illustrator, good at painting methods such as watercolor, color lead and board painting. The painting style is both realistic and retro, but also simple and lovely.


PIPIPI-TAO:Each expression contains her feelings, and each story comes from her perspective. She leaps in thinking, executes decisively, and pursues purity and comfort.


A well-known brand of handbook seals in China has dozens of excellent original designer teams to create original products with unique styles and rich content.

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Artists Handbook

Stationery Clips

"Once there is a genius in art, it will affect a century of cultural history. They are like stars, always scattering their brilliance."

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Cute Waterproof Non-marking Sticker

"Full of energy every day, dream freely, be yourself freely"

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Forest Girl Series Stamps

"Make your journal charming and beautiful."

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