Bubble Ducky

Bubble Ducky(iBentoy Co-designer)

💗Picture book illustrator, published picture book "Het nest van ermest"

💗"Het nest van ermest"

💗Story behind the story What made you write this book?

The protagonist Louis has more or less my own shadow in it.When I was very young, I felt that I didn't look good, and I questioned myself because of my introverted personality and not knowing how to get along with others.Just as the meaning of the protagonist Louis's name (famous warrior), like most of us, high hopes are placed.Family, teachers always think that only confident and active children can do a lot.Friends also like to get along with people who look confident and lively,And slow children like us will be forgotten in the corner and even bullied.

Children like this who live with low self-esteem for a long time will easily lose hope in life.I want to tell them through stories that someone will become the light in your life, and at the same time you must learn to bloom brilliantly.