Wooden Stamps

Stamps were initially made of papers and have been in use for ages for the sake of representing source names. With time, inventions were made to formulate stamps from different materials like wood which is durable. Wooden stamps were initially used with a liquid that was poured and pressed by the wooden stamp. The Liquid then gets hard in the shape of a stamp. The stamp is basically a symbol, so wooden stamps are carved with some letters or shapes, so these stamps represent a company just like a logo does for a company nowadays. Kawaii has made a wooden stamp series to give stamps an element of fun with cute shapes.

Kawaii Wooden Stamps

Kawaii wooden stamps involve a range of versatile stamp series with different details engraved on them. The details indicate some special occasions or characters, which makes it a fun product for kids to play. Kawaii wooden stamps are available at highly reasonable prices and are quite durable and reusable.

Have a look at Kawaii’s wooden stamp series so you can see which one is best for you.

  1. Plant Story Series Wooden Stamp

Plant Story Series Wooden Stamp

Plant story series wooden stamps have wooden stamps engraved with different plants imageries feels like a plant story. They look so adorable when applied. So get yours to stamp on your projects, books, diaries, scrapbooks, notes, calendars, etc.  It is available in a minimum range with a single wooden stamp per stamp which is quite long-lasting. Its dimensions are 32*84*25mm with material made of rubber and wood. They make it easy to hold and stamp.

  1. Beautiful Night Series Wooden Stamp

Beautiful Night Series Wooden Stamp

Beautiful night series wooden stamps are available in different styles and sceneries that are incorporated into them. These beautiful wooden stamp series give vibes of night sceneries that are enticing to see, just like the sky has creatures at night. The Wooden Stamp series would look so attractive when stamped on your diary, book, planner, project, scrapbook, calendar, etc. To decorate your envelopes, crafting projects, planners, postcards, diaries to make them look super-cute.

  1. Retro Flower Box Wooden Stamp

Retro Flower Box Wooden Stamp

Retro flower box wooden stamps have 35*25mm dimensions and are delivered with one stamp per set. The stamp is made of rubber, wood, and foam, making it easy to stamp on any surface with this durable product. The stamp is available in low ranges.

  1. Christmas Candy Wooden stamp

Christmas Candy Wooden Stamp

Christmas candy wooden stamps have Christmas tree shapes and other indications of Christmas events in cube shapes stamps. It is perfect to stamp on Christmas gifts. The product would give a clear stamp on papers and other surfaces, and the sale price is also minimum.



Kawaii’s wooden stamp series is available at affordable prices, and they are easy to stamp and enhance your papers' beauty. Children would love these fun stamps, so don't wait and purchase your now from the Kawaii store.