Kawaii Memo Pads

A memo pad can help you take notes of daily life things for work, school, or home. Any idea can come to your mind anytime as memo pads are handy; you can take them with you anywhere.

Memo pads are small writing pads, but they often come in different sizes and papers. The kawaii memo pads come in beautiful designs and quality paper material.

Read on to explore the best kawaii memo pads for taking special notes.


4 Best Kawaii Memo Pads

The kawaii notepads are perfect for taking notes with cuteness and fun. Here we jotted down a list of five best kawaii memo pads for you to consider buying:


  1. Candy House Milk Box Memo

 Candy House Milk Box Memo

If you're looking for a cute memo pad for kids, then look no further than the house milk box memo. The memo pad comes in an adorable milk house box design. The two-hundred memo sheets are inside the milk house, and you can take notes on the pad.

The kawaii candy milk box memo depicts designs of rabbits and bears. You can Press the dotted line on the lower part to disassemble the paper-drawing port for writing.


  1. Plan to Check In Memo

 Plan to Check In Memo

The Korean-style plan to check-in memo pad is perfect for all the kawaii note-takers. The notes sheet comes in four adorable designs and says, "I think of your every day." You can choose from bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and avocado style.

The adorable memo pad will take you into a lovely atmosphere. You can decorate journals, notebooks, or any other creative projects with the memo.


  1. Medieval Poetry Memo

 Medieval Poetry Memo

We are calling out all the kawaii poetry lovers and poets because this memo pad is for you. The medieval poetry memo part comes in an attractive artistic design.

You can choose over eight designs for the medieval poetry memo. The medieval poetry memo pad contains ten sheets and will take you into a retro atmosphere.

You can decorate journal spreads, notebooks, or creative projects with the memo.


  1. Alice Picture Frame Series Memo

Alice Picture Frame Series Memo

If you're looking for a memo to gift your friends on their birthdays, then go for Alice's picture memo. The Alice picture frame series memo comes in five unique designs for you to buy.

You will get a dot sticker to decorate your forty memo sheets in the frame series memo. You can decorate bullet journal spreads, notebooks, or creative projects with the note.



Memo pads are great to pen down your thoughts and important notes. There are many other memo pad designs you can check in our kawaii memo pad shop.