Kawaii Hand Puppets

Hand Puppets are one of the most beloved toys of kids. Some shows are mainly based on hand puppets' performance. Some time back, hand puppets were an integral part of festivals and fairs. People wear these gloves that are a bit spacious so that hands can move quickly, and people speak in the background to personify it as the character is expressing itself. It is an effective way of storytelling. So, people held such shows so their children can learn morals from their favorite characters. There are cute puppets with different shapes and styles to appeal to children. Children mostly love kawaii Animal puppetsx as they tend to learn keenly from them.

Kawaii Plush Hand Puppets

We offer cute Kawaii hand puppets that are styled with different animal shapes. Kawaii hand puppets are made of Plush. Plush is super soft stuff that is made of synthetic fiber. These hand puppets are ultra-comfortable to wear. You can wear them for a long time as they feel so smooth. It also prevents any sort of irritation as Plush is environment-friendly and dust-free. They can be washed to make it clean. You can freely communicate with all your focus as they are light-weighted, and you won't feel anything encumbering your hands. So you can carry on your storytelling. Also, these are small-sized, so your children can play with them quickly as it will not harm them. They are cheap and durable.

Here is a range of Plush Kawaii hand puppets that have different shapes and styles. So have a look at them and pick up your favorite one out of these Kawaii animal hand puppets.

  1. Kawaii Zebra Hand PuppetsKawaii Animal Hand Puppet

This hand puppet is so cute with zebra scaling on it. This cute hand puppet is has a head with ears that are spacious to place three hand fingers. There are two arms with inner space for hand, thumb, and smallest finger. The texture is made of premium quality white plush with black color lines on it.

  1. Kawaii Lion Hand PuppetKawaii Animal Hand Puppet

This hand puppet looks so enticing as the kawaii lion shape is too adorable. It is made of high-quality plush, which is in soft brown color just like the actual Lion looks. The head has fluffy fur on it that seems like Lion’s hair.

  1. Kawaii Frog Hand PuppetKawaii Animal Hand Puppet

Kawaii frog hand puppet really looks similar to the actual one with its bright green color, big eyes, wide smiling jaw, and small years. It has two moveable arms with it where your thumb and small finger can easily fit. The hand puppet is flexible not to hinder the hand's movement.  

  1. Kawaii Elephant Hand PuppetKawaii Animal Hand Puppet

It is the cutest hand puppet you will ever see. The perfect grey color and the nose with wide ears make it look the most adorable among all. These hand puppets are easy to carry for a long time as their weight is light and filled with PP cotton that makes it smooth enough to give touchless feels.


Hand puppets are a significant part of festivals where artists wear these puppet gloves and start storytelling. Kawaii animal hand puppets are most appealing for children, so they are preferred. We offer premium quality plush hand puppets that are light-weighted, ultra-comfy, non-allergic, affordable, durable, and washable. So hurry up and order yours now.