Kawaii Fluffy Store

If you’re a fan of fluffy items, we won’t blame you because everyone loves soft things. Whether it’s a plush slipper or soft t-shirt, everyone loves products that feel soft to touch. Well, if you’re on a hunt for buying fluffy items, then you have come to the right place.

We packed our kawaii fluffy store with tons of soft products for you to get your hands on. All items are affordable and come with high-quality material to offer you the best. Read on if you want to snuggle up on all the fluffy items from our kawaii soft shop.


Best Products on Kawaii Fluffy Store

Here we jotted down a list of the five best products on the kawaii fluffy store for you to consider:


  1. Fluffy iPhone Case

 Fluffy iPhone Case

Phone covers can add a lot of weight to your phones. You might also feel that it’s challenging to hold your phone with certain phone cases. That’s why we have a fluffy iPhone Case for you because it has soft material, which is handy.


This cute Fluffy Bunny selfie phone case will add charm and cuteness to your phone. The phone case has a 3-layer sandwich technology with drop-resistant. The softshell design is comfortable to hold in the palm of your hand.

The phone case has soft silica material and suitable for iPhone 7 to iPhone 11 Pro Max. If you have an iPhone between iPhone 7 to 11 pro, you can buy this soft iPhone cover.


  1. Ugly Orange Sanitary Pad Bag

 Ugly Orange Sanitary Pad Bag

Please don’t assume that it’s an ugly bag based on the name because it’s not. You can keep your pads with you and use them with the help of an ugly orange sanitary pad bag. The bag comes in fluffy designs and colors that you can choose to keep your pads.

These kawaii ugly orange sanitary pad bags can store sterile supplies and cosmetics. The fluffy ugly orange design feels comfortable, and you can use it.


  1. Fluffy Shivering Rabbit Stationery Set

 Fluffy Shivering Rabbit Stationery Set

The fluffy rabbit stationery set is the best thing that you can gift to your school-going kids. There are ten stylish patterns with three pieces each in the group for your kids.

Your kids can use the cards to decorate their study table or to write notes. The stationary cards will not only make the room beautiful but also encourage kids to write.


  1. Fluffy Rabbit Ziplock Bags

 Fluffy Rabbit Ziplock Bags

Ziploc bags are best to carry small accessories with you. The soft bag has enough space to carry your travel essentials like cards, passports, and more.

The fluffy rabbit Ziploc bag comes in four adorable designs that you can choose. The soft material of the bag makes it easier to carry wherever you go.


  1. Plaid Skirt Plush Pencil Case

 Plaid Skirt Plush Pencil Case

Last but not least, we want to suggest another cute stationery item for your kids. The plaid skirt plush pencil case is for all the school-going kawaii girls.

The soft pencil case has durable material that can carry school stationery. The pencil case comes in two designs like rabbit and bear, that you could consider buying.



There are many more affordable products in the kawaii fluffy store for you. You can buy different products for daily use for yourself and your loved ones.