Kawaii Bobo Shop

Our kawaii bobo bear shop comes with unique products for you to keep your hands on. The products are based on the cute bobo who is a bear cub and loves to eat cookies. The bobo bear has durable material and an adorable furry body that you would want to snuggle with.

From storage bag to glasses bag to crossbody bag, bobo bear has a lot to offer you. Our kawaii bobo shop usually has bobo-themed adorable bags.

Read on to explore the best bobo bags from the kawaii bobo shop.

Best Bags from the Kawaii Bobo Shop

Here we jotted down a list of the best bags to buy from the kawaii bobo shop:

 1.Bobo Cute Cartoon Plush Storage BagBobo Cute Cartoon Plush Storage Bag

If you’re looking for a cute bobo bear storage bag, then this bag is for you. The bobo plush storage bag is not only pretty, but it’s also very functional. The bag comes in four beautiful colors for you to buy.

We made the bobo plush storage bag with soft plush material, which feels delicate to the touch. The bobo bag can hold mobile phones, data cables, and other digital products.

2.Bobo Plush Should bagBobo Plush Should bag

Fanny packs are trendy. If you’re looking for a cute fluffy fanny pack, then this bobo plush bag is for you. The bag comes in four beautiful colors and with an exquisite bobo bear design. 

This cute bobo bear embroidered Ibentoy Shop designs a plush storage bag. It’s all about pink and kawaii. It is a pleasant choice if you love kawaii fanny packs or kawaii shoulder bags.

3.Bobo Boom Plush Pencil CaseBobo Boom Plush Pencil Case

We have something in-store for children and school-going kids. The cute bobo boom plush pencil case is for all the kawaii kids out there. The attractive bobo case comes in four pretty colors for you to choose from.

The material of the pencil case is fluffy and durable. It can carry your daily stationery essentials. You can also gift this cute pencil case to kids as a birthday present, and they’ll love it.

4.Milk Tea Bear Plush BagMilk Tea Bear Plush Bag

This bag is for all the milk tea lovers out there. You can enjoy your milk tea with this cute milk tea plush bag. 

The bag comes in two colors and has soft plushy material. The handbag has space to carry your items like stationery, wallet, and laptop. 


There are many more bobo bear bags waiting for your look in our kawaii bobo store. You can choose bags based on your style for yourself, or you can gift them to your loved ones.