Diagram pins

Pins are always meant to tie something: hair, scarves, clothes, papers, etc. These pins are sometimes simple or decorative, and the most popular pins these days are diagram pins. These are the ins with some sort of figure or illustration on them. These shapes could be anything that personifies the characters. Girls and kids most love cute Kawaii pins. Some other forms are preferred by men also, like any novelist diagram pins. Diagram pins hold stuff or enhance beauty when attaching to any item. Kawaii diagram pins are minimal art pieces, lightweight, oil painting, and don't get rusted easily.

Kawaii Diagram Pins

We offer an exessive range of diagram pins that have illustrations of plants, animals, cartoons, pots, bears, detergent, galaxy, flowers, etc. These pins can hold clothes just like other pins and would look fantastic on your jackets and bag. Have a look at these adorable and classic diagram pins that are available at highly reasonable prices.

  1. Kawaii Game Console Pins
Kawaii Game Console Pins

These kawaii diagram pins are so adorable as they have game-related gadgets on them. These three-dimensional pins are painted by the process of electroplating, which makes them long-lasting paint. The vibrant colors on these gaming pins make it a must-have for game lovers. So go and check these adorable and affordable gaming pins and buy them for yourself.      

  1. Kawaii Cactus Pins      

Kawaii Cactus Pins

These cactus pins are so attractive that they make these Kawaii cactus pins a mush-have for your cuties. Especially the plant lovers, they would love its soft colors and cute, versatile designs. They are painted through the process of electroplating. Because of that, the paints last more than ordinary ones also the material is of premium quality. The range is affordable to get all these cute cactus pins.

  1. Accessories Flower Pins
Accessories Flower Pins

These alloy broaches have beautiful floral paints on them. These are painted through electroplating, which makes the colors even more vibrant and elegant. These are perfect accessories pins for cute girls who can use them on their shirts, jackets, bags, scarves, etc. They are a bit longer than the usual length. But the high-quality alloy makes it long-running accessories pins at minimal prices.

  1. Enamel Dragonfly Pins
Enamel Dragonfly Pins

These enamel dragonfly pins are too appealing and much loved by our female customers. Their dragon and flower shapes with vibrant lavender colors make it a compulsory accessory addition for cute girls. The price is so reasonable for these electroplated pins that are durable and pin-up tightly.

  1. Cherry Blossom Pins
Cherry Blossom Pins

These Cherry Blossom pins are worth having in your accessories as you can't ignore how beautiful these diagram pins are. These various styles with soft colors provide a vision for soaring eyes. The price is too reasonable not to have them all.


If you are looking for some funky, trendy, and adorable diagram broaches, then you must visit our kawaii pins collection, where you all can find pins according to your choice. Also, the price is reasonable, and the paint with alloy makes it a durable and must-have product to buy for your cuties.