Cute Tissue Box

Tissues is a must-keep accessory in your office, bag, home, etc. We need it to clean our hands after or before a meal, cleaning surfaces, removing make-up, and gently cleaning ourselves. They are soft and give touch-less feels. These delicate tissues are secured in special boxes to avoid them getting dirt from the environment. Because it is necessary to keep them away from any bacteria or dust present around as they can potentially transfer it to humans, the best tissue boxes are dust-proof. You can place tissues in them without bothering their shapes. Cute tissue boxes add to the beauty of the space like an office, room, dining, car, home, etc.

Kawaii tissue boxes

Like other kawaii products, we have the best tissue box range that varies with sizes, stuff, and designs. Our kawaii tissue box range has long-running material, enticing colors and is available at highly reasonable prices. It is effortless to place and take out tissues from them. They avoid any environmental exposure, so they are safe to keep tissues bacteria-free.

Have a look at our tissue boxes range to select a perfect box that goes with your room.

1.Kawaii Bow Sheep Tissue Box

Kawaii Bow Sheep Tissue Box

These cute tissue boxes are perfect for keeping in your children's room. They would undoubtedly like it as they have a pretty sheep face on the front side and soft sheep horns bending inside. They are made of premium quality plush that has soft hues. These tissue boxes are adorable and resemble the actual sheep. Those tissue boxes are washable and have three different sizes and shapes like round small, rectangle, medium, and large rectangle. These kawaii tissue boxes are available in minimal ranges.

2.Kawaii Plush Unicorn Tissue Box

Kawaii Plush Unicorn Tissue Box

It is our most popular tissue box range as people love these square tissue boxes with unicorn face and soft unicorn hues. The smooth plush adds to its good looks. It is easy to place and pick tissues from these boxes as they have a wide opening on the backside. They would look impeccable in girls' or children's rooms or your cars. They are washable so they can keep tissues clean from inside.

3.Bear Biscuit Tissue Box

Bear Biscuit Tissue Box

These cute tissue boxes are made of vegan leather, which makes them water-proof and dust-free. They are highly secure boxes to avoid your tissues from environmental exposure. They are the cheapest tissue boxes in our range with white and brown colors and faces like a smiley face, puppy face, and coffee bar. They are elegant tissue boxes to place in your office, car, guest room, etc.

4.Kawaii Bow Rabbit Tissue Box

Kawaii Bow Rabbit Tissue Box

These are the most adorable bunnies you can place in your home. They are made of premium quality smooth plush with dyed unicorn hues, and the cutest part is their rabbit-like ears. In addition, these kawaii tissue boxes are washable, so you can clean them several times to make your tissues dust and bacteria-free.


As you have seen, our kawaii tissue box range is so appealing and unique that one can't stop himself from buying one. They are ideal tissue boxes that keep tissues free of dust and bacterias. In addition, they have beautiful designs, colors, and sizes at highly affordable prices. So without wasting time and buy now for your home that is our love.